Viva Pinata (360)

Viva Pinata (360)

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Managed to get myself not one, but two Swananas today. They’re ace, but sadly, they kept fighting with my Quackberry. That was solved by selling it so they couldn’t. Once you’ve made a pinata resident, you can “buy” another one anyway, so it’s no real loss (and I want it in my other garden so I can feed it to my Pretztail anyway).

My bullrushes all matured, and I sold them for 1120 coins each. I then sold a load of pinatas (like Candarys I’d transformed my Sparrowmints into, and some Squazzils and stuff), and some water lilies, taking my money total to over 100,000 coins, netting me an achievement.

Another achievement came when I made two Cinnamonkeys resident, and blinged one up so it was worth more than 5,000 coins. I got them loved up too, but haven’t bred them yet. I have, however, bred my Dragumflies (once). I have another new pinana resident now too – a Sweetooth!

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