Viva Pinata (360)

Viva Pinata (360)

More savage deaths of poor, cute little pinatas. How cruel to children you are, Rare. All of my Whirlms are dead. One of my Sparrowmints is dead. All my moths and flies were ill from being beaten up. Horrible.

Due to the huge amount of fighting between species, and being unable to separate them with fencing (my two new Bunnycombs nibbled through the fence keeping them apart from my Bunnycomb-eating Pretztail, and got eaten), I decided to cull some breeds. Well, sell them. So now I’m left with some more Bunnycombs, some Whirlms, and a couple of Fudgehogs. I’ll breed them all and make millions! Mhuhuhuhahahahaha!!!!111!

Oh yes – and I’ve had my spade upgraded several times so I can whack Sours when they invade. BEST.

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