Viva Pinata (360)

Viva Pinata (360)

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I’ve decided to keep my pinata species count down to just three: Whirlms, Bunnycombs and Mothdrops. None of them seem especially vicious towards any of the others (although there were a few fights today, and even some between two Bunnycombs), and the garden was much easier to manage as a result. I still had to watch out for Pretztails on the prowl for my Bunnycombs, but since they usually appear at night, and I now have a Bunnycomb house, that wasn’t much of a problem. Fudgehogs appeared occassionally to eat Whirlms, but I either managed to see them off, or just let them eat them, become residents, and then sell them for more than the Whirlm was worth, anyway.

Much of my play was taken up with breeding Bunnycombs. I had seven at one point, and decided to sell some as there was becoming too much in-fighting and only five can fit in the house. You get a fair amount of money for each, though, and so I’ve started planting fruit with the cash. My first three blackberry bushes grew today. I should be able to “harvest” them soon.

I then started to concentrate on my Mothdrops. They’re both ready to romance, but I can’t seem to get them both out of their house (a giant lightbulb!) at the same time in order to do it.

Also today, I sent cboy77 a Mousemallow. I hope he likes it.

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