Viva Pinata (360)

Viva Pinata (360)

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#Viva Pinata! Filled with fun! (Filled with fun!) says the theme tune. And it’s jammed in my head like a pokey thing jammed into a thing that pokey things get jammed into. Gah!

So I managed to breed ten billion Bunnycombs today, and even fed one a pumpkin and found it made it turn yellow! Yellow Bunnycombs are BEST.

I also hired quite a bit of help – someone to water things and someone to harvest things. The problem with the harvestling is she takes and sells everything I grow, meaning I have to be quick if I want to feed fruit to my pinatas instead.

My garden currently consists of lots of Bunnycombs, some Buzzlegums, a couple of Tafflies, two Mothdrops, and quite a few Flutterscotches of assorted colours. It seems you can feed them different coloured flowers to change them from White Flutterscotches to blue, red, green and yellow.

And I dug a pond too – and have a couple of Lickatoads resident there. ACES.

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