Viva Pinata (360)

Viva Pinata (360)

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Became a Master Romancer for the Bunnycombs today, which meant I didn’t really need them any more, so sold them. I then made a start breeding Lickatoads and Newtgats, becoming a Master Romancer in the latter. I also tamed a Macaracoon, but buying a Cluckles (which the Sour Macaracoon ate), and by being a Master Romancer for five (well, six really) species.

Managed to find a few more variants too, making pink Buzzlegums, a pink Pretztail, a green Pretztail, and a red Whirlm.

I’ve been making a lot of “produce” as well. My two Buzzlegums are constantly making honey, and my Goobaa is a walking wool factory. I’m on Level 26 or 27 now.

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