Viva Pinata (360)

Viva Pinata (360)

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Since I now want to start attracting some water-based species of pinata, such as Quackberries and Swananas, I decided to start a new garden. It turns out that you carry your game level, tools, money and access to items and pinatas over to any other gardens you create, so it isn’t like starting from scratch entirely.

After beating the hard soil down in my new garden (which took ages), I dug a huge pond, which takes up about 40-50% of the total garden area. I planted loads of seeds (all from Seedos), and used fertiliser on them all. Very soon I had a few trees, loads of huge poppies and water lillies, and all sorts of other huge plants (including a giant pumpkin and a big chilli).

A few Whirlms moved in, followed by some Sparrowmints, so I bred the Sparrowmints to get myself the Master Romancer award for them. In the meantime, I planted loads of bullrushes to coax the few Dragumflies I’d seen in. I then found you could turn Tafflies into Reddhots, which was handy since the Dragumflies needed to eat them to become resident!

I spotted a few Swananas, but they didn’t want to move in. I did, however, manage to get one Quackberry, which will help me in my other garden as I need them to breed Pretztails. Had lots of sightings of other new pinatas too, such as the Fizzlybear and the Sour Cocodile.

I’ve also reached level 32, and have unlocked the game’s credits, and got the last part of the journal story. Does this mean the game is “completed”? I don’t really think so, as I still feel I’ve barely started on it! I have racked up about 12 hours on it though, so far.

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