Viva Pinata (360)

Viva Pinata (360)

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My first job of the day was to become a Master Romancer for Pigxies, which didn’t take long. I then named them all after people like Ringo Starr and Craig David and sent them to random people. After that, I tried and successfully managed to coax two Doenuts into the garden, and got romancing them (also becoming a Master Romancer for them). Sold most of them, and renamed and sent the rest to people.

I then smacked Seedos “upside the head” (which I’m told is the correct term for beating him with my spade) until he exploded.

Finally, I bought a second Moozipan and bred loads of them, making my third Master Breeder award for the day. I now have about 15 of those awards, am on Level 47, and am now going to embark on a Taffly breeding programme…

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