Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast (Xbox)

Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast (Xbox)

Well, Ye Olde Xbox got dusted off today so I could play two games I bought over Christmas as they were cheap. First up was this. It’s basically Outrun 2, but with the Outrun 2SP levels in addition, and a new single player mode. And it’s lovely. Just as lovely as Outrun 2 was, only more so.

Played Arcade Mode for a bit, and reached goals A, B and C (and failed D), then went into Mission Mode (or whatever it’s called) and did all the first set of Flagman events, and some of the Girlfriend events. I then went and bought some stuff with the “Outrun Miles” I’d “earned”, including some more audio tracks, and another game mode – Outrun 2SP 15 Stage Mode.

Basically, it’s all 15 possible stages, one after another. Ace! I only managed to get as far as 13 though, being about one second from the checkpoint. Bah.

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