Viva Pinata (360)

Viva Pinata (360)

Got lots done today. Master Romanced some more species (more Flutterscotches, Profitamoles) and then set about taming sours. Released one Tour Of Sour block at a time, and got a Mallowolf and a Cocoadile. Used my Crowla and Sherbat to distract Dastardos to get myself a couple of achievements, and also scared Professor Pester off with the Mallowolf for another one.

I then started growing and fertilising a load of plants to get the Master Green Fingers achievement, and so now I only have one left to get – the 50 hours played one. I can’t tell how long I’ve been playing so far though. 190-ish game-days, but I don’t know how many real-hours that is.

Thanks to everyone who has sent me pinatas today, by the way. You’re all ace.

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