Viva Pinata (360)

Viva Pinata (360)

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Level 75 now! Played for about two and a half hours today, mainly breeding Mallowolfs and Parrybos (which finally made it into my garden, helped along by one I was sent). I tamed a Bonboon too, and set about breeding Jameleons. I’ve already Master Romanced them, but I need three for each Bonboon to romance.

I built a mine, and along with all the gems, seeds and other assorted things the Diggerling dug up, I also got a Dragonache egg! I bought a Cluckles to hatch it (well, got three actually and got all three variants), and I then had a Dragonache! I then set about maturing it, which you have to do by feeding it a Snapdragon flower, a Dragumfly, a Reddhott, a Salamango and some milk. It was huge, though, so I had to send it away. You can’t romance it or anything anyway though.

Next thing to do is actually start romancing Bonboons, I think. Although I only have one at the moment…


  1. How do you get a diggerling to dig up something? Mine’s a lazy ass. I’ve had it for 20 Days, REAL LIFE days, and It hasn’t giving me a single damn thing. By the way, I play neopets. Neomail me, I’m lovethislife2.


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