Viva Pinata (360): COMPLETED!

Viva Pinata (360): COMPLETED!

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Right, before I start I really should qualify my “completed” status thing for this game. Yeah, so I haven’t done every last thing possible (yet), but I have had every single pinata resident at some point, and – most importantly – I have not gained all 1000 points worth of achievements. That’s 50/50 achievements. All of them. So I can take that as “complete”, seeing as there’s not really another way of completing it, is there? Well, aside from the few remaining awards, I suppose. And the maximum level gainable is 108 (and I’m on 94), but still. Complete. No arguments.

So aside from getting the last achievement this evening (50 hours play), I also made the last few pinatas resident (all of which were various coloured Flutterscotches). I romanced a pair of Goobaas (which I’d not done, even though I thought I had), Master Romanced the Badgesicles (and got all the variants of them), got some Fudgehogs into the garden, and started the arduous task of romancing pink, purple and brown Flutterscotches. Oh, and I got the Visitor Award for a Galagoogoo too.

And this is my first completed game of 2007. Amazing.


  1. How can you say you’ve completed the game when you’ve not hit 100%. Achievements are a method from Microsoft to entice people to join Xbox Live and really shouldn’t be used to judge the completion of a given game.

    Good luck with finishing it off properly.


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