Castlevania (PS2)

Castlevania (PS2)

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A new Castlevania game for me to play! And my first 3D Castlevania too. Well, aside from about ten minutes with the abortion that is Castlevania 64. I didn’t really know what to expect. Incidently, in the UK this game is just called “Castlevania“, which kind of makes sense as it’s chronologically the very first “episode” in the series, but elsewhere it has the subtitle “Lament of Innocence“.

I’ve not spent long with it yet, having only watched the opening film, explored what I can to start, completed the “training” section, and then moved on to some House of Somethings. I’m not at all sure about Leon Belmont’s double jump, nor his blocking. Or his whip-grab-jump move. But it’s early days yet.

The camera is already annoying though…

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