Military Madness (Wii)

Military Madness (Wii)

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In your face, Tim Miller! So you’re stuck on Level 4, eh? YOU ARE RUBBISH. It was EASY. I did WIN IT.

I took over both un-owned factories to start with, and took out a Kilroy and a tank from the right of the map. The enemy sent in some more foot soldiers to try and regain the factories, but I stood firm and they didn’t come close. Until the helichopper thing came and started wiping out all my units. Eventually, I killed it, but had no infantry left with which to take over the enemy factory or HQ, or regain the factory I’d lost in the meantime. Thankfully, I still had les tankage plenty, and killed off all, bar one Charlie unit. Who I couldn’t attack as it was in the middle of a lake and was too scared to leave it.

So I hid all my units in my factory, and waited for it to move. And it did, so POUNCE SHOOT DEAD! Win!

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  1. Huh. I’m sure I could get past the level, really, but every time I think about playing it, I notice R-Type in the channel next door and end up playing that instead.


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