Excite Truck (Wii)

Excite Truck (Wii)

Hurrahs! I realised that changing my truck for another one might be a good idea. And lo, it was – I stormed through the last three Platinum races without much in the way of problems, although I only got A and B ranks for them.

So that was all the races done. Sort of – I now have to unlock “Super Excite” mode, by getting all S ranks for all races. What? How? That can’t be possible.

Or so I thought. It seems I hadn’t actually done all the training modes, and so had no idea you could do Truck Spin. Or do a boost if you land perfectly. They could quite easily make enough difference to manage S ranks!

Off I went to Bronze again, and S ranked those courses I hadn’t previously managed. Then I got another S rank for Silver. That extra training really did help! I’ll have a go at the rest later.

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