Touch Detective (DS)

Touch Detective (DS)

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Completed the first case, which was total lunacy, and then moved onto the second case. This time, instead of dreams being stolen, Penelope herself has been!

The Planetarium is now open for visiting too, and there’s a creepy guy who stands outside it with a wind-up music box thing. He’s quite scary. I’ve managed to get onto the second part of this case.

I have, however, started to notice a few niggley things about Touch Detective. Firstly, some of the puzzles are a bit counter-intuitive, and result in you trying every object on every other object, place, or person. This is bad point-and-click adventure design. The other thing is the artificial game-lengthening device of “go and do X to everyone!” – *BZZT!* Wrong idea!

Luckily, the quirkiness and humour is keeping me interested.

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