Eets: Chowdown (360)

Eets: Chowdown (360)

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I’ve now finished all of the second zone, and a few on the third. It’s getting quite hard now, but I seem to be finding plenty of “wrong” ways of completing levels – mainly using fewer items than necessary. One level was completed with a single item instead of the four provided, and the time it took was under three seconds, compared to the 30 that par time was set at. Ace!

I then had another go at the brain-hurty Marsho Madness mini game, which is really difficult for me as it shows buttons you have to press. Problem is, in my head, I still think in terms of SNES pad button layout, so not only are the colours wrong, but the letters are too! I should be thankful, at least, that it isn’t a Playstation game. “TRIANGLE!” – whuh?

Managed a huge score of 110,000-ish, which netted me an achievement and a top 400 in the world place. Sadly, I noticed another achievement requires a score of over a million. Chances? Nil.

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