Guitar Hero II (360): COMPLETED!

Guitar Hero II (360): COMPLETED!

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In that, I’ve reached the end of Medium. Overall, it seems waaaaay easier than the first game, as I didn’t fail a single track. A few at the end (Psychobilly Freakout for one) are bloody difficult, but I have at least 3 stars on every track.

I then realised I hadn’t done the training, so did that to learn how to do hammer-ons and pull-offs – I can’t quite get the hang of them, but I think I’ll get there. Mastering them is the key to better scores and accuracy, it seems. Especially for fast songs. Practised a few tracks to try the “bass guitar” mode, and to have a go with these new-to-me techniques.

After that, I started working my way though Easy, and got my first perfect (and achievement to match!). Hard mode scares me.

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