Guitar Hero II (360)

Guitar Hero II (360)

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Today, I bought Guitar Hero II. I already have the original game for the PS2, complete with guitar controller, so it made perfect sense to buy the 360 version and another controller for twice the cost it would have been for a fully usable PS2 copy. This was mainly due to the new guitar being ACES, but also because of the promised Xbox Live downloadable content (that’s XBL DLC, abbreviation fans!) and online leaderboards.

So this afternoon, I rocked out for almost three hours solid. My legs hurt from standing up for so long. My left wrist hurts from excess frettage. My left little finger hurts from over stretching for the blue fret button (I was playing on Medium). But! I’ve done 33 songs, getting mostly 5 Stars and a few 4 Stars. Winnar!

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