The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles (360)

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First thing today was to head to Xedilian, essentially a giant trap, to activate it. On the way though, was Knotty Brambles – where there was supposed to be a cure for the illness the innkeeper in Crucible has. So I nipped in there first, got the cure, and went back to Sickly Bernice.

Then, it was back to the quest at hand, and a tour round Xedilian, killing goblin things (which aren’t goblins) and activating the three crystals, and finally “turning the place on”. After that, the caretaker appeared and told me Xedilian has already started drawing adventurers in, and I had to kill or confuse them by activating traps. I sent them all mad, and then got my pick of their possessions – including a great sword called Dawnfang (which turns into Duskfang at, er, dusk) which seems to swallow enemies, powering itself up. Ace!

I went to see Cutter the armourer, who crafted me some great armour with my Madness Ore thingies I’d picked up from baddies.

After that, I pushed a guy off a ledge (he wanted me to kill him), and then went to see Sheogorath again, who gave me the power to summon his servant Haskill, much to Haskill’s annoyance. Shoegorath is the best NPC ever.

I’ve now been given two tasks – one for the Duke of Mania, who wants me to find “felldew” – a poison, and a chalice. The other is to find someone who is conspiring to kill Syl, the Dutchess of Dementia. She gave me the services of her torturer, who has helped me “extract” some information from the citizens of Bliss and Crucible. He’s ace too!

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