Assorted 360 Demos (360)

Assorted 360 Demos (360)

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I played through a bit pile of these today, so thought I’d bung them all into one post.

Urgh. I don’t really like FPS games. I also don’t like squad-based shooters, and marines-vs-aliens shooters are, in my opinion, dull. So imagine my joy when I realised that Blacksite is a shad-based FPS with marines shooting aliens. I could barely contain my excitement.

Colin McRae’s Dirt:
Where I come from, “dirt” is a synonym for “poo”, so this game is basically called Colin McRae’s Excrement. Thankfully, it isn’t as bad as it sounds. You get three styles of driving – rally, track, and off-road. Track was a bit dull, but the other two were great fun. Even if I did manage to lose a door, two wheels and my engine colliding with a rock on the mountain climb stage…

Forza Motorsport 2:
Doesn’t look half as pretty as I was expecting, and the simulationness of it just puts me off. I prefer arcadey racing games, like Outrun 2 and Project Gotham, and this is just too… boring. Like Gran Tourismo is, in fact.

Rush’n Attack:
Still as impossibly hard as I remember it. I don’t think I even managed to reach the bit after the red steel bridge. Too hard for me to bother with buying, actually.

Well, it’s not awful, anyway. There’s nothing actually wrong with it, it’s just that it’s nothing special. Too many later vertical shooters have made this just decidedly average, unfortunately, so I won’t be buying it. Besides, I’ve already got it for the GBA…

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