Assorted PlayPal Games

Assorted PlayPal Games

I have a PlayPal. It arrived today. Basically, it’s a handheld console with a load of (licenced) 8-bit Sega games built in. You can even connect it to a TV (or in my case, my lovely new Dell 2407 monitor) and play it on the big screen. Ace.

So I’ve not really put any proper time into it yet, but I have had a few goes on some of the games: Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Snail Maze (yes, that secret game built-in on some Sega Master System consoles), Fantasy Zone, Fantasy Zone: The Maze and Sonic Triple Trouble.

It’s a lovely machine, but the sound and screen brightness are both somewhat weak. I suspect this may be due to the crappy batteries I found (it takes three AAAs), and I’ve not had chance to try any others yet. Of course, on the TV everything is just ace.

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