Catan (360)

Catan (360)

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I spent very many minutes trying to actually get online and play this today. Someone on my friends list invited me, but it wouldn’t let me join. I invited him, but he didn’t get the invite. I found someone else I knew hosting, and it wouldn’t let me join. I hosted, and people joined, but it wouldn’t let me start the game. I joined random people’s games, and it wouldn’t let them start either, and on the one occasion when they could, they got disconnected almost instantly. Pah.

So I played offline instead, on Moderate difficulty. It’s certainly harder than Easy (well, duh), but it also takes quite a lot longer to play. I was on 8 points after 40 minutes or so, but then something came on TV I wanted to watch and the game won’t let you save and quit, so I had to just quit.

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