Centipede and Millipede (360)

Centipede and Millipede (360)

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But mainly Centipede. There’s not a huge difference in one game to the other, with Millipede offering more baddie types, but the same basic game.

I don’t really know why I bought this. I don’t really like shooters (as I keep saying, but then, look at Geometry Wars, Mutant Storm, Time Pilot, Galaga, et al…), but I have fond memories of an old Spectrum clone of Centipede called, predictably, Spectipede. And it was on XBLA at that magic I’ll Buy Anything For 400 Points price point.

Anyway. The only other person on my friends list who seems to have bought it is The Rev, and he is doing considerably better than me on the score tables. I did get one achievement, at least!

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