Crackdown (360)

Crackdown (360)

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Yes, I bought it. It was absurdly cheap at Play Asia, so it was rude not to, really. Besides, I had previously changed my mind on the demo having realised it was 28364 times more fun to play if you leapt about like a loon rather than played it as a serious third-person shooter.

Anyway. So far, I’ve leapt about like a loon a lot, found about 60 agility orbs, 5 hidden orbs (and know where two more are, but can’t reach them yet), shot loads of Los Muertos baddies, killed two generals (I think they’re called generals, anyway), and jumped around like a loon.

Haven’t found a use for vehicles yet though. Jumping everywhere (like a loon) is way more fun.

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