Eternal Sonata (Demo) (360)

Eternal Sonata (Demo) (360)

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After the shady doings of t’other day (where I used a US XBL account to download Aegis Wing), I followed up with a Japanese XBL account to get hold of the Eternal Sonata demo from the Japanese marketplace.

“But why?” I hear you all cry, “It’s a Japanese RPG! How on earth will you understand it?”. Well, because when you play it using a UK account, it’s all in spangly English! Hurrah! And a little strange!

So I played it for a while, and it’s actually very good. It’s a very pretty game indeed – especially the flower field where there’s a girl who thinks it’s fun to pick flowers then crush them to make flower powder. Or something. No, really.

Aside from talking to her and the other residents of the village I found, I killed a load of Pumpkonions and a couple of Dodos, before dying. It seems there’s no way of healing without using items or my girl character’s heal spell (which you can only use in battle, it would appear). Speaking of which, everything and everyone seems to have a hilarious musical name. And all my characters (you have three in your party) seem to have musical instrument/weapon hybrid items. SONATA, you see? Ace.

Full English release now PLS KTNX.

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