Soltrio Solitaire (Demo) (360)

Soltrio Solitaire (Demo) (360)

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I can while away the hours with a decent solitaire game quite easily. In fact, even relatively poor ones (like the basic Windows one) can hold my attention for a few hands. I had a PD (remember that term?) game for my Amiga called Demon, on which I must have easily wasted over 300 hours over the years. It only played one solitaire variant – Canfield, but it was perfect in every way.

Sadly, although Soltrio has 21 variants of Patience (for we are not Yanks), none of them are Canfield. This alone is reason enough not to buy it for the (frankly staggering) 800 points, but when you add the fact that the controls are rubbish (no pointer – you “lock” from card to card) it makes it difficult to even be tempted to buy it. Badness.

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