Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland (360)

Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland (360)

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Finished off the Oil Rig by collecting some more bits for the skate park, and then skated back to the park myself to fix the crane with my spray can.

No, really.

After that, it was back off to Downtown to try and join the Black Widowz, which involved getting myself a tattoo, then spending aaaaaages trying the “manual through the million flags” challenge (which was really hard as I couldn’t keep up my momentum, until I realised I could liptrick the wall behind where you start to give a speed boost), then had to run round all of LA “bombing” things (that’s graffiti, not explosives) and now I have to get trained on a BMX. Which I’m not looking forward to…

I’m also stuck trying one of the daily stats-boosting challenges. It says “do four fliptricks in one combo”, so I do, and nothing happens. Then I thought, “ah, maybe not kickflips – perhaps it’s backflips and stuff?”, and so did that instead. And that didn’t work either. In fact, a single combo with ten kickflips and seven front flips didn’t work. Rubbish.

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