Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland (360)

Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland (360)

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I think I’ve pretty much exhausted this now. I’ve cleaned up on missions and ranch pieces, done all the BMX “missions”, found all the pros and impressed them, and completed a pile of tramp money challenges and graffiti challenges only to find they never actually end. I’ve done all the Sponsor Challenges too, but it still shows only 40/70 done, even though all my stats are full and no shop has any challenges left to offer. Bizarre.

Then, I went through an 100%ed Classic Mode, and then went and did high score runs on Free Skate, getting scores of at least a million in each area.

Finally, I played a load of games online (and was surprised to find so many people playing, considering the game is now almost 18 months old and has been superseded by Project 8), and won at least one match on each map.

Overall then, I think I’ve pretty much milked the game now. It’s a shame that for some reason it hasn’t given me the 100 gamepoints for 100%ing the game, but I’m suspicious that it’s actually a bug or something as there’s nothing left to do!

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