Earth Defense Force 2017 (360)

Earth Defense Force 2017 (360)

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SPIDERS! Big spiders that hop and fire webs! And go splat when you shoot them!

And then! A HUGE walking spaceship thing. And I mean HUGE. It has to be the biggest moving thing I’ve seen in any game ever. The graphics, especially in terms of how much is going on at once, are waaay better than I previously thought. No wonder my character looks crap and the buildings are bland when there are ninezwelftyten thousand hunter killers and Hectors and this giant walker and explosions and bullets and rockets and laz0rz and everything all going on at once with virtually no slowdown.

And! I killed a load of ants and spiders in a nest, and then killed a bit metal plated dragon! And flew a helicopter!

I’m stuck now though, on another level full of hunter killers and Hectors and a walker. Too hard, suddenly.

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