Kameo: Elements of Power (360): COMPLETED!

Kameo: Elements of Power (360): COMPLETED!

Dear Rare: Please give me the nine hours and thirty-three minutes I spent on your awful game back. KTNX, love deKay xxx

I have very little good to say about this game. But I’ll try. Well, the number of things going on at once is pretty good, but that only adds to the atmosphere, and doesn’t change the gameplay. Dull, linear, tedious, surprise-free, awkward gameplay.

Lord Drok (is that his name? Big metal bloke with mallet) was easy, but took aaaaages to kill as he was so awkward. After that, there was an airship level (why do so many end of game baddies have airships?), which was pretty crap. Then, finally, a fight with Thorn. He took ages to kill too, as his energy bar went down reeeeeaaaaaalllllyy sloooooooooooowly. Until I thought I’d actually use some of the fruit I’d been collecting and fed them to Thermite to upgrade his powers. And then Thorn was stupidly easy and died so fast I didn’t even get all the cut scenes with Kalus summoning stuff.

And the end was a bit abrupt. It seems to imply a sequel (Jesus, no), as there are loose ends, namely Mystic who just disappeared. Seems to me like instead of finishing the game properly, they just cut it a level short and made it look like they plan a follow up. If they do, it’ll no doubt be 2014 before we see it…

As an aside, my Gamescore now stands at 11101. I need to find an achievement to get for 10 points!

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