Lego Star Wars II (360)

Lego Star Wars II (360)

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Getting bored with this now. I’ve got 43 gold bricks, and need 60 to open up Lego City, apparently, but getting there is pretty soul destroying. Basically, I have to redo all the levels I’ve done previously to get a True Jedi rating, then redo them all again in Free Play (and get True Jedi there too), then redo them all yet again in Super Story mode. And then, if I’ve missed any Minikits, I need to do the levels again to find them.

I’m all for extra play modes, and the Free Play mode does mix things up a bit, but it’s still basically playing the same levels over and over and over and over, essentially killing the fun element of the game leaving behind the flaws. Oh well.

So I did redo Chapters 3 and 6 of Episode IV, found a whole Minikit on one and got another True Jedi thingie, but my soul is being drained somewhat now. I think I need to give the game a break for a bit.

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