Tenchu Z (Demo) (360)

Tenchu Z (Demo) (360)

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Never really enjoyed the other Tenchu games. Well, not the two I played on the PS1 anyway. I just don’t like hide-and-seek simulators, ninjas or no ninjas. Probably explains why I don’t like Splinter Cell either.

Anyway. I realised you can skip almost the entire “level” in the demo simply by swimming around the harbour rather than sneaking through the town for leaping across rooftops. So I did that, steath-killed a few people guarding the boat you have to reach, and then got on board.

Some emo-ninja (complete with string vest and gelled hair, nice) killed my mark before I got a chance to, and then I had to fight him. With no energy bar, I couldn’t see how dead he was, and after a good 40 or so hits, he still wasn’t dead. Then I died. Oh.

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