A roundup of the week

A roundup of the week

I’ve been away all week, so not been playing a huge amount in the way of games. However, my holiday was partly affected by rain, so my DS did get an airing. On that, I started playing Puzzle Quest, which is a Bejewelled/Zoo Keeper clone in an RPG setting. So you have to battle orcs and things by matching gems, and have special powers and stats and stuff. It sounds totally ridiculous, but is actually somewhat amazing.

I also played Silver Strike Bowling a fair bit. It’s an arcade machine that was in the pub where we stayed. I managed to get about 120 as my highest score – some 85 lower than the highest scorers on the leaderboard. Who, naturally, were the pub staff.

Today, upon returning, I had a bit of a catchup on XBLA. There were two new XBLA games this week – Super Contra and Wing Commander Arena. Sadly, they’re both crap.

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