Assorted Xbox 360 Demos (360)

Assorted Xbox 360 Demos (360)

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And what a pile of crap most of them were.

Flatout UC: Dull. Like Burnout with no soul.
The Darkness: Reminds me too much of Prey, but seems reasonable.
Juiced 2: Like Need for Speed Underground crossed with Forza 2, but not great.
MotoGP ’07: Yawn. Looks awful, plays just like the last one, which I disliked.

The “crown” goes to NASCAR ’08 though. What a totally tedious, crap looking, pointless game. It’s like Daytona USA on the Saturn, only with everything good removed and all skill made redundant, and most of the controls (braking, releasing the accelerator, turning right) made unnecessary. Rubbish.

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