Bomberman Live (360)

Bomberman Live (360)

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No messing with demo mode for this, it’s Bomberman, so was bought straight off.

Firstly, the bad: I don’t like the 3D graphics. I much prefer proper sprites, like the Saturn and PCE versions I’ve played recently. Secondly, the not-quite-overhead view is annoying, and although you can click the right stick to flick it back to the way it should be, you have to do this every single game – there’s no option to set it as default. Next, there’s an issue with the controls. The button to pick up bombs is the same button as to lay them (which feels wrong), and to lay a line bomb you don’t just double-tab the “drop bomb”, you have to hold the right trigger and press a button.

But, none of these things really matter, as it’s still Bomberman and it’s even online. OH YES.

So I played a few games against bots, then went online with random people, and won one of the three games I played there. Aces!

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