Puzzle Quest (DS): COMPLETED!

Puzzle Quest (DS): COMPLETED!

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Today started with having to find some herbs for the High Elves, and then progressed onto killing Lord Bane’s three (rather easy) Generals, followed by a Deathknight and then an Iron Golem (both quite easy too) before finally “fighting” Lord Bane himself.

With an alarming about of HP (three times what I had), it was somewhat nailbiting at the end as we were both on around 30HP, there were red skulls galore on the grid, and it was my turn. I knew whatever move I took would lead him open to skull match next turn, and I knew my Stun spell was being reflected more often than not so I wasn’t sure it would make him miss a turn. I gambled on it working, and it did! Lord Bane killed, win!

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