Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PS2)

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PS2)

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Hmm. Whereas Alpha 2 was mostly just Alpha with new (or rather, returned) characters and new backgrounds, Alpha 3 is totally new. Totally new fighters, new style, new super combo mechanics, redrawn characters (well, some of them anyway), and new moves.

I played as Ryu, who seems to have gained Ken’s super flaming dragon punch super combo and lost his vacuum hurricane kick, and had a pretty tough time of it actually. Too much blocking and countering for my liking.

It didn’t help that when I finally reached Bison, I died. And do you get to have another crack at him? No. It’s Game Over! Rubbish.

It’s a great game and all, but one fail on the end boss and you have to start the whole game again? Tch.

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