Assorted Xbox 360 Demos (360)

Assorted Xbox 360 Demos (360)

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Well, I say “assorted”, but in fact there were only two:

It’s John Woo, in game form! It’s a stylish third-person shooter, with now-clichéd bullet-time (or rather, “Tequila Time”. Cue “Tequila, it makes me happy” and “Stop! Tequila Time!” jokes, which I’ll refrain from. It looks nice, has some clever bits (like the multi-way showdowns where you must dodge bullets with one stick, and aim your guns with the other), and is full of impressive Woo stunt direction, but I can’t help feeling it’s going to get very repetitive. Maybe a purchase on the cheap?

Vampire Rain
It’s Splintident Evil Cell. Or Sam Fisher in Zombie Vampire World. And it’s crap. You have no idea where to go (well, you do, but you have to take a contrived route) and the vampires are zombies not vampires and the camera is crap and the game looks like a PS1 title. But it appears to have Worf (Michael Dorn) providing a voice for your superior. And why is your command vehicle a pizza van? ANyway, not buying.

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