Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (PS2)

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (PS2)

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Or rather, Vice City Stories of Blur and Brown. The game looks horrific. I mean, Canis Canem Edit didn’t look great, but this? Awful. It’s like someone took the original Vice City and smeared it with dirty hands. I suppose that’s what you get for porting a PSP game back to the PS2. Anyway.

So I’m Vic Vance, Lance Vance’s (from the original) brother, and this seems to be set a while before the original. I’m a corporal in the army, or rather, was, until my crack-head sergeant send me on drugs and gun running errands and I got the blame.

I then fell in with a few hicks who sent me off blowing up cholo vans and nicking cars and stuff, and then I won a quad-bike race. Oh, and then I did my usual trick of finding the airport and spending ages doing stoppies and wheelies, and jumping over things.

So far, so GTA. Complete with even worse controls than I recall. Despite being the same game engine as Canis Canem Edit, and being the same sort of game, they’ve switched the target button from L1 to R1, shoot from R1 to a face button, and taken away the ability to crouch. And the graphics… I’m not usually bothered by graphics, but when they’re a step behind previous games in the series, and they’re bad to the point where they’re affecting gameplay, I do have a right to moan a bit. I’ve hit a bug already too – all of the vehicles vanished. Every single one, even the moped I’d stashed in my garage – gone. All the people vanished too. Thankfully, starting a mission restored them all.

I’ll give it a bit longer, but I think San Andreas and Saints Row may have spoilt it for me already.

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