Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD (360)

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD (360)

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Who needs a demo version, eh? I just stumped up the 800 points without even trying it first. That’s how much I knew it was going to be ace.

And, of course, it is ace. At least as ace as the Saturn version I’ve been playing recently, but in lovely smooth HD and with online play for up to four players. It’s like Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo X ++ Alpha HD really. Or something.

First up, I played three ranked matches, and won the first two. Then I played a few player matches (as everyone seemed to stop bothering with the ranked matches), and won about as many as I lost. After that, I played single player arcade mode, until I lost the 6th fight.

Then I played 9 matches against my wife, winning just 4 of them. Bah.

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