Assorted 360 Demos (360)

Assorted 360 Demos (360)

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Wednesday is New Game On Xbox Live Arcade Day, and, in recent weeks, one of very few days when I actually turn my 360 on. I downloaded the trial version of today’s “gem” – Geon, and a few game demos and gave them a go.

It’s Pac-Man with two mazes, one on the back of the other, two players, and goal each. And some power-ups. I played for half an hour, and reached a stalemate position three times (neither I or the CPU player would budge, or the other would win). This shouldn’t be allowed to happen. I won’t be buying the full game as the actual concept of the game if crap anyway.

Spider-Man: Friend or Foe
Or, TMNT in different clothes and a two-player mode. It wasn’t amazing, and the plot seems rubbish (Spider-Man teams up with assorted baddies to take on some other baddies in Tokyo – WHAT), but if I see it for a tenner I might give it a go.

Sega Rally
It’s Sega Rally! Only new and shiny and you can actually feel the ruts in the road! But I’m crap and it’s very slidey and not really my sort of thing. I can see that people who are into rally games will probably love it though. It certainly played better than Dirt, even if it is a lot more arcadey.

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