Call of Duty 4 Beta (Demo) (360)

Call of Duty 4 Beta (Demo) (360)

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I hate soldier games. Almost all of them. I didn’t like any of the other Call of Duty games, nor did I like any of the Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Battlefield or Medal of Honour games. And FPSes are not really my thing, generally, anyway.

But, getting on a beta is a special thing, so when I got a code to join up, I thought I should at least do Ubisoft the service of giving it a go.

Wish I hadn’t though. Urgh.

It’s jerky. It’s laggy. Starting a game from the lobby takes aaaages. And, like all of these deathmatch games, unless you put in a million hours of play, you die within seconds of respawning as everyone else can do headshots from miles away and you can barely even hit them, let alone pick out a bodypart.

I did my best to get into it, and yes, I am crap, but it just felt exactly the same as all the other games of its kind. I don’t think I’ll be bothering any more.

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