Mercury Meltdown Revolution (Wii)

Mercury Meltdown Revolution (Wii)

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It’s a bit tricky now, it seems. Having finished all of the 4th lab, I’m now onto the 5th (the Geo Lab, I think), and it’s a big step up. Amongst other things, so far I’ve had to navigate hundreds of angled conveyors, and split a blob into three and keep a track of all of the bits.

However, I have unlocked all of the “party” games (I say “party” as, although that’s what the game calls them, they’re all single player only!) now, and played each of those for a bit. The Paint one was OK, but got dull after 8 or so levels, the Metris one is just rubbish and Race is alright, but being single player (with no CPUs to race) makes it seem pointless.

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