Mercury Meltdown Revolution (Wii)

Mercury Meltdown Revolution (Wii)

Just in time to fill the Resident Evil 4-shaped void in my Wii drive slot, Mercury Meltdown Revolution arrived this morning. If you want it yourself, it’s a bargainlicious £14.99 at at the moment.

I was expecting more of the Super Monkey Ball/Kororinpa thing with this, but it doesn’t feel like them at all. In fact, it’s more puzzles and less steady-hand, and you even hold the remote 90 degrees left from those other two games. Many of the puzzles revolve around you splitting your mercury blob up, colouring each part a different colour, then merging them to form a third colour, which is totally different to the other ball-steering titles.

So far, I’ve done the tutorial, all of the first “lab” (world, basically), and half of the second lab. I’ve also unlocked the Rodeo minigame, so played that a bit, and messed around in the playground for a bit. Seems pretty ace so far!

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