MySims (Wii)

MySims (Wii)

Time quota critical! Game bail! Game bail! Wii explosion imminent! Abandon console!

I have hit the Giant Brick Wall of Too Many Games. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had Super Paper Mario, Bioshock, Sonic Rush Adventure, Mario Party 8, Phoenix Wright 3 and now MySims all arrive. None are especially short. I don’t have time! Gah!

Especially since I can see MySims becoming the huge time drain that it’s spiritual ancestors The Sims, Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon were. And my wife likes it too, and we can’t both play at once. Unless I get the DS version too… NO! BAD THOUGHT.

So the game then. I’ve only played it for about an hour (as someone wanted to play it…), so I’ve not got that far in. I built myself a house and a workshop, put together a new chair, collected some Essences (apples, mainly), fished a bit, and got my metal detector out for a bit of treasure digging.

Firstly, the bad: There’s a lot of loading, but most of streams – this does make the Wii drive squeal a bit and makes the game a little jerky. The building process is a bit tricky too, as you need to be really careful with positioning things as they have a tendency to “snap to” other things.

The good: Oh, it is cute. Very cute. It’s also frighteningly addictive.

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  1. Nyyyeeeaaaaaaaaaargh!!! gibbergibbergibbergibbergibbergibbergibbergibbergibbergibbergibbergibbergibbergibbergibbergibbergibbergibbergibbergibbergibbergibbergibbergibbergibber

    I have the same problem. And I know how it ends. It ends up with me deciding not to buy any of them and play the ones I have, and then I spend the money on something else and then convince myself that they’ll be really hard to find in six months and buy them anyone and then my wife will beat me for spending too much money 🙁


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