Sonic Rush Adventure (DS)

Sonic Rush Adventure (DS)

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I have come across a major, irritating, and almost game-breaking problem with this game today. I couldn’t progress yesterday as I needed to build a new boat. But I couldn’t build a new boat as I didn’t have enough of the required Material.

The solution? Play levels I’d already played before. Again. And again. Until I’d collected enough to carry on. How annoying!

Then I had to race a shark on sea bikes, and got a Chaos Emerald for my trouble.

Finally (for today), I completed another island and the squid boss, and then bumped into both Eggman (or not?) and Blaze the Cat. Look Sega – STOP PUTTING YOUR STUPID CHARACTERS IN SONIC GAMES. Sonic games should have Sonic, Eggman, and perhaps Knuckles and Metal Sonic. THAT IS ALL. No, not even Tails.

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