Super Paper Mario (Wii)

Super Paper Mario (Wii)

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Sat and completed all of Chapter 2 today. Well, that and the half hour of wandering around the town of Flipside trying to find the next heart pillar, anyway.

It really is rather good, isn’t it? I know Nintendo manage to take the rise out the Mario titles in just about every other Mario title they now make, but somehow, they always seem to do it just right. Super Paper Mario is no exception – the in-jokes are still funny, and there’s plenty of them.

Chapter 2 was all about finding Merlee in her house, which had been turned into a factory full of slaves. I became a slave there too, and had to work off a debt of a million Rubees (more than a slight nod to Zelda’s Rupees there) carrying out menial tasks. Now, some of the people of rllmuk (a forum I frequent) have been quite vocal about this particular part of the game, saying how the tasks were rubbish, boring, and took far too long. To that I say a) that’s the point, and b) if it takes you more than 10 minutes to pay off the debt – you’re doing it wrong. Seriously – there’s a quick way.

Oh, and thanks for the warning from Luffer about the potential crash on 2-2. I actually already knew about it (as has the entire internet, it seems), but without spoiling anything, don’t talk to Mimi on 2-2 again after talking to her the first time, until you have the key.

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