Super Paper Mario (Wii)

Super Paper Mario (Wii)

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Hurrah for Mondays when new games arrive!

I knew this was more “action” based than Paper Mario 2, but I was still surprised to find it so different. Not in a bad way – just, well, different. And everything is so much flatter than in Paper Mario 2, especially when you flip into 3D. Yes, I realise that makes no sense.

So I’ve completed all of the first chapter, taking just over an hour an a half. I have to say, the dialogue is excellent. Nastasia (who appears to be Count Bleck’s PA) is amazing, and Fracktail (“fractal”, get it?) has some hilarious lines. And when he’s scanning? His eye does the Wii Virtual Console “please wait” spinning ring thing. Genius! And Watchitt! He was great too.

The only thing I’m slightly concerned about is that I get the feeling I’m going to have a load of pixls following me around. I’ve already got two…

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  1. Yeah, you’re going to acquire a few more pixls on your travels along with some companions. But it’s all good, they only gripe is having to constantly switch out stuff, be it pixls, characters, 3D etc..

    Some on the later levels are just pure genius though! Be warned not to use your warp pipe to return to the tower mid-level though, you have to start the whole world again as I’ve just discovered! Very frustrating as I was at the boss stage…. And don’t get caught out by the bug on stage 2-2.

    Probably got time to repeat the current world before I go to bed, I need to make progress otherwise I might end up giving up on it and that would be a shame because it’s a great game.


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