Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (Demo) (360)

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (Demo) (360)

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Oh my! First skate. and now this! Amazing!

Firstly, let me just say one thing: TONY HAWK AND SKATE ARE NOT THE SAME TYPE OF GAME. It really annoys me when people say that TH games are redundant now that skate. is here, and it does everything TH games should have done long ago. This is not true. Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground is, like all TH games, an arcade game. skate. is a simulation.

Like how Gran Turismo isn’t Outrun 2. Or how Cannon Fodder isn’t Ghost Recon.

I loved the skate. demo. But I also love the THPG demo. There is room for both. I will buy both, in the same way I have bought both Bioshock and Mercury Meltdown Revolution. Anyway. Rant over.

I like the three playing styles (hardcore, career and rigger), and thing the new Nail-The-Trick extensions are great too. The only slight niggle in my head is that it seems to be moving back towards Tony Hawk’s Underground territory, and I’m not sure that was a great alley to be walking down. You even have a rival called Eric – just like THUG and THUG2. Hmm.

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