Bioshock (360)

Bioshock (360)

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So today I was mostly progressing through Hephaestus, which involved killing lots of Big Daddies, and collecting bits for a bomb (many of which were on the Big Daddies – hence their increased prevalence in this areas, it would seem). At one point, I had two Big Daddies in the room at the same time, and I had hoped that the “Hypnotise Big Daddy” plasmid might allow me to get them to fight each other, but it didn’t seem to work when there were two in the room at once.

So I killed them using my New Best Favourite Big Daddy Killing Technique instead: fire loads of shock bolts across a corridor between you and the Big Daddy, then shoot him with your pistol. He gets angry, runs through all the bolts (getting injured by each) and, if you’ve done it right, drops down dead at your feet. It’s wise to have a shotgun ready though, just in case…

I think I can stop saying Big Daddy now.

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